Kobalt and Forward Security announce partnership to help clients reduce cyber risk


Kobalt and Forward Security are pleased to announce their partnership to reduce their client’s cyber security risks. Combining Kobalt’s cyber security monitoring platform with Forward’s Eureka application security automation tool and team of experts helps to significantly reduce the risk and costs of security issues and incidents.

Shifting security left and earlier in the development process dramatically reduces the risk of introduced flaws and the cost of remediation than when flaws are discovered in production requiring costly downtime, development, and patching efforts. Looking right ensures that after the application is deployed,threats, compromises and intrusions are detected early, reducing the financial, reputational, and technical impact of attacks. Combining a shift left, look right strategy allows for reduced cost, improved effectiveness, better security outcomes, and a more successful business.

“Many of our early clients are cloud-forward, agile teams adopting fast release cycles. Partnering with Forward Security allows us to help them continue to innovate, move fast and reduce risk.” said Michael Argast, Co-Founder and CEO, Kobalt.

“Forward is helping ensure clients design and build secure software applications. Once it’s in the wild, continuous monitoring of their production infrastructure is critical to their long term security success, and we’re pleased to partner with Kobalt to help them accomplish this.” added Farshad Abasi, Chief Security Officer, Forward Security.

If secure software, cyber security and rapid innovation are critical ingredients to your organization’s success, Kobalt and Forward Security would love to talk to you.

Contact us at: info@kobalt.io and info@forwardsecurity.com.

Vancouver area professionals – please register for our joint event on May 14th.