Level up your blue team.

Your IT team is busy. Building new products and features, ensuring the operations in DevOps is always green. IT Security can be overwhelming - where to start, what to do next - but it doesn’t have to be.

Kobalt’s IT Security monitoring-as-a-service separates out the signal from the noise, and keeps your team focused on the practical steps necessary to secure your environment and achieve and maintain compliance.

Kobalt’s advisory services help you develop your security program and strategies with right-sized and priced advice targeted for where you are on your journey, today.



IT Security Monitoring-as-a-Service



Data across Cloud, SaaS applications and corporate environments combine to build a holistic view



Kobalt’s advanced platform allows us to aggregate data & perform analysis across multiple environments at scale



Automated detection and proactive hunting by our SOC team allows continuous monitoring for security risks and incidents



Notifications, reporting and advice allows your team to focus on security steps that positively impact your business

IT Security Advisory Services

Gap assessments, security roadmap planning, awareness training and compliance programs - Kobalt provides security advisory services to assist your organization wherever you are on the journey. Combining in-house talent with an extensive network of independent advisors via our Alliance - Kobalt ensures you have access to the right security expertise, when you need it.


Cloud forward IT security for innovative teams


Kobalt monitors what you care about – your production cloud environments, code repositories, data stored in critical SaaS applications. We give your organization the ability to embrace cloud infrastructure with confidence in your security visibility.


We support internal teams and free up resources for innovation.

  • Let us lift the burden – monitoring is complex, challenging work to do well.

  • We keep away the noise and bring you detailed, critical notifications with recommended remediation.

  • Kobalt’s technology and experienced SecOps team provides enterprise class service at a fraction of the price.


Managed Service vs. Technology

  • Security analytics technology doesn’t help you if you have no team to operate it.

  • We combine the SecOps with our platform to provide you the solution you need.

  • We live for this – building better detection and hunting for risks to your business gets us up in the morning and fuels us late at night.


Unified visibility of cloud, SaaS and corporate environments

  • Threats don’t stop at your firewall, neither does our monitoring.

  • Monitoring across your cloud, SaaS and corporate environments means we can track attackers who know no boundaries.

  • Combined event data allows us to provide context improving understanding and speeding up response.


Simple, easy to understand pricing

  • Tier based pricing designed for the needs and means of your organization.

  • No hidden add-ons, gotchas or usage fees.

  • A generous data allowance that lets you cover your entire business with confidence.


IT security management shouldn't be scary. Let us help!

Focus on closing business, your next product release, the innovation that makes you tick. Kobalt will focus on your security.